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Southtown Hyundai is . . .

Southtown Hyundai is . . .Edmonton's Go Hyundai is comprised of two very different dealerships, and while they both strive to provide the absolute best experience possible, they go about it in their own unique ways. We've already looked at what sets Northstar Hyundai apart from the competition, and now we look at all the ways Southtown Hyundai is a standout Hyundai dealer!. . . just like homeFrom the...

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Northstar Hyundai is . . .

Northstar Hyundai is . . .Not all Hyundai dealerships are created equal, and while the two Edmonton Go Hyundai dealerships share a number of similarities--from their amazing inventory to awesome discounts provided by the Go Card--they definitely offer their own unique spins on what makes a great dealership. Read on as we explore what makes Northstar Hyundai a one-of-a-kind dealership!. . . a master...

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What is the Hyundai Nexo?
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What is the Hyundai Nexo?It's no surprise that Hyundai leads the charge in producing environmentally-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles, and leading that charge is the all-new, flagship fuel cell SUV: the Hyundai Nexo. Currently available in select regions of California only, the Nexo is both incredibly efficient and eco-friendly--with pure water vapour being its only emission!! Read on with the...

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What's the Hyundai logo stand for?
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What's the Hyundai logo stand for?While we've recently discussed the history of Hyundai, we figured we should take a look at something a bit more superficial: the Hyundai logo. Though, once you learn more about the leaning H found on the hood of your Hyundai, you'll realize there's a little more under the surface than you might've expected. Discover the meaning behind the infamous H, and the Hyundai...

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Which Hyundai is best for families?
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Which Hyundai is best for families?When you're young and carefree, just about any vehicle will do, as long as it gets you where you're going. As you begin to work your way through the many stages of life, you prize different vehicles for different reasons. Perhaps it's something sleek and sporty after you've gotten your first big promotion, followed by something more practical as you begin to settle...

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What's a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai?

What's a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai?While there are lots of nice (and not so nice) names for used vehicles, one designation stands at the top, and is synonymous with peace-of-mind: Certified Pre-Owned. For those that don't know, a Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai is a used Hyundai vehicle that has undergone a rigorous inspection process and meets the same standards that Hyundai has for their new vehicles....

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Why Hyundais are great for new drivers
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Why Hyundais are great for new driversThere are few things equally as thrilling and terrifying--for teens and parents alike--as a new driver getting their license. While the teen sees nothing but freedom from the tyrannical oppression of their actually quite-liberal parents, panic usually sets in the moment they get behind the wheel. Likewise, for parents, there's a wave of bittersweet emotions that...

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The History of Hyundai
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The History of HyundaiIt may come as a surprise to many, but with its luxury line expansion Genesis Motors and ownership stakes in Kia Motors, Hyundai Motor Company is now the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world! Though, anyone who has driven a Hyundai will be neither shocked nor surprised, as Hyundai vehicles have a well-deserved reputation for being smart, safe, and innovative--not to...

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Which Hyundai is right for you?
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Which Hyundai is right for you?With a wide and diverse lineup of vehicles offering incredible safety features and exceptional value, it's hard to not find a Hyundai (or three) you could see yourself behind the wheel of. Of course, you can only drive (or even buy) so many cars at once. This makes choosing the right Hyundai for you incredibly difficult. And while there's a number of factors that go into...

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What does the Hyundai Canada warranty cover?
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What does the Hyundai Canada warranty cover?Not only does your Hyundai come equipped with tons of safety features that already make it a smart purchase, but Hyundai's extensive warranty adds another level of peace-of-mind (not to mention value)! With a 5-year/100,000 km Comprehensive Limited Warranty, and a 5-year/Unlimited km Roadside Assistance Program with 24-hour flat tire repair, lockout services,...

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How to pair with your Hyundai's Bluetooth® system

How to pair with your Hyundai's Bluetooth® systemStay connected to your family, friends, and phone, while minimizing your driving distractions, thanks to the hands-free Bluetooth® system found in your Hyundai! A wide range of Hyundai vehicles at Edmonton's Go Hyundai are equipped with this convenient technology, allowing you to access your music, contacts, and even certain apps, thanks to...

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Hyundai's Awards & Recognition
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Hyundai's Awards & RecognitionWith an unwavering dedication to creating some of the smartest, safest, and greenest vehicles on the market--while also being some of the most affordable and value-packed, too--it's no wonder Hyundai has racked up more than a few awards over the years. Edmonton's Go Hyundai group is proud to operate two of the finest Hyundai dealerships in the city; both of which, in the...

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Why drive a Hyundai electric vehicle?
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Why drive a Hyundai electric vehicle?Whether you're looking to do your part saving the environment, or just your wallet, driving an electric vehicle is a smart choice--and driving an electric Hyundai is an even smarter one! Thanks to their unflinching determination to bring hybrid and electric vehicles to the modern driver, Hyundai created a varied lineup of vehicles offering exceptional safety, technology,...

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What is Hyundai BlueLink®?
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What is Hyundai BlueLink®?Modern horror films rely less and less on the traditional jump scare tactic, or gruesome prosthetics, and instead, tap into the psychological horror that haunts our everyday lives. That isn't to say zombies and ghouls don't still scare us a little, but now we've got even more to worry about. With this in mind, we've got what we think to be an excellent idea for an incredibly...

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Ready, Start, Go: Hyundia's Factory Remote Starter
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Ready, Start, Go: Hyundia's Factory Remote StarterJust imagine it: you're waking up on an especially frigid Alberta morning, sometime between October and March. Your spouse managed to drag the comforter to their end of the bed, and you've already woken up with a chill in your bones. But wait, it gets worse. Your coffee machine is broken, your water heater is on the fritz, and your favourite cozy sweater...

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How to prep your Hyundai for an Edmonton winter!

How to prep your Hyundai for an Edmonton winter!While September 23rd marks the last day of  summer, Albertans reading this blog know we're more likely to skip straight to winter than enjoy the picturesque Autumn immortalized in Ivy League-focused films such as Good Will Hunting, The Graduate, or Animal House. Pardon the pun, but we just aren't falling for it. While we may lean a bit heavy on the...

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Why You Absolutely Need Winter Tires
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Why You Absolutely Need Winter TiresThere's a whole list of things you aren't supposed to talk about around polite company at the dinner table, and the two that come up most often are religion and politics. While we aren't at the dinner table we do consider our readers polite company, but we're going to break the rules anyway. For whatever reason, the Alberta government hasn't made winter tires mandatory....

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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Tucson?
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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Tucson?There are few things as satisfying as marking off every box on your checklist, and the 2020 Hyundai Tucson does just that. Style combines with performance, comfort, and capability, in a vehicle that doesn't just do it all, but does it all well. Providing remarkable value (while being remarkably fun to drive), you can find the 2020 Tucson, starting at just $25,999, at...

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Edmonton's Go Hyundai: 2 Great Stores, 1 Great Product!

Edmonton's Go Hyundai: 2 Great Stores, 1 Great Product!If you want a smart, value-packed vehicle that offers a healthy dose of style, you buy a Hyundai. And, if you want to buy a Hyundai, you know to buy one from the Hyundai Experts, at Edmonton's Go Hyundai. With two conveniently located dealerships in the city, serving customers in Edmonton and surrounding areas like St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc,...

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What's the difference between the Elantra, & Elantra GT?
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What's the difference between the Elantra, & Elantra GT?The Hyundai Elantra has offered consumers a vehicle packed with value, performance, and style, since it first arrived on the scene in 1990. Nearly twenty years later, a lot has changed in the Elantra's six generations including the expansion of the Elantra lineup. From its beginning as a humble compact sedan, to the four models on offer today,...

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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Elantra?
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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Elantra?Since its debut in 1990, the Hyundai Elantra has been a smart choice for drivers looking to get great value and comfort out of their daily commute. Well, at 30 years old, the 2020 Hyundai Elantra has grown up quite a bit, and now adds a heavy dose of sophistication into the mix. Available at both of our conveniently-located Edmonton Go Hyundai dealerships, and starting...

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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Kona?
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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Kona?While most new vehicles get promoted as crossovers, in an attempt to cash in on the segment's popularity, the 2020 Hyundai Kona transcends the label, offering SUV capability in a vehicle also capable of fitting in your apartment's snug parking spot. With room for 5 and plenty of cargo, not to mention a healthy dose of adventure, the 2020 Kona is the modern SUV that transitions...

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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Palisade?
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Why buy the 2020 Hyundai Palisade?With great power--and great size--comes great responsibility; a responsibility the 2020 Hyundai Palisade relishes. Peace of mind comes standard when transporting friends and family in this 3 row SUV capable of seating 8 people, no matter how frightful the road conditions can get--an issue Alberta drivers are all too familiar with. Read on as the crew from Edmonton's...

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