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What's the Hyundai logo stand for?
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What's the Hyundai logo stand for?While we've recently discussed the history of Hyundai, we figured we should take a look at something a bit more superficial: the Hyundai logo. Though, once you learn more about the leaning H found on the hood of your Hyundai, you'll realize there's a little more under the surface than you might've expected. Discover the meaning behind the infamous H, and the Hyundai...

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Which Hyundai is best for families?
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Which Hyundai is best for families?When you're young and carefree, just about any vehicle will do, as long as it gets you where you're going. As you begin to work your way through the many stages of life, you prize different vehicles for different reasons. Perhaps it's something sleek and sporty after you've gotten your first big promotion, followed by something more practical as you begin to settle...

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Why Hyundais are great for new drivers
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Why Hyundais are great for new driversThere are few things equally as thrilling and terrifying--for teens and parents alike--as a new driver getting their license. While the teen sees nothing but freedom from the tyrannical oppression of their actually quite-liberal parents, panic usually sets in the moment they get behind the wheel. Likewise, for parents, there's a wave of bittersweet emotions that...

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The History of Hyundai
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The History of HyundaiIt may come as a surprise to many, but with its luxury line expansion Genesis Motors and ownership stakes in Kia Motors, Hyundai Motor Company is now the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world! Though, anyone who has driven a Hyundai will be neither shocked nor surprised, as Hyundai vehicles have a well-deserved reputation for being smart, safe, and innovative--not to...

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Hyundai's Awards & Recognition
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Hyundai's Awards & RecognitionWith an unwavering dedication to creating some of the smartest, safest, and greenest vehicles on the market--while also being some of the most affordable and value-packed, too--it's no wonder Hyundai has racked up more than a few awards over the years. Edmonton's Go Hyundai group is proud to operate two of the finest Hyundai dealerships in the city; both of which, in the...

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