What is the Hyundai Nexo?

It's no surprise that Hyundai leads the charge in producing environmentally-friendly hybrid and electric vehicles, and leading that charge is the all-new, flagship fuel cell SUV: the Hyundai Nexo. Currently available in select regions of California only, the Nexo is both incredibly efficient and eco-friendly--with pure water vapour being its only emission!! Read on with the Hyundai Experts at Edmonton's Go Hyundai, and take a look at what the future of driving looks like with the 2019 Hyundai Nexo.

The futuristic design of the Hyundai Nexo

Sharing a distinct aesthetic sensibility with 2019 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year, the Hyundai Kona Electric, the Nexo is a sleek and sturdy SUV showcasing clean lines alongside stand-out details. A horizon positioning lamp-style headlight follows the curves of the Nexo, from its grille to wheel well. Flush, automatic door handles provide a streamlined look whether parked or in motion, popping open for you to enter the vehicle. At the rear, the D-pillar is fashioned into an air curtain for both improved aerodynamics and a sharp conclusion to this SUV that's more science than fiction. Inside, an efficient and minimal design offers exceptional comfort and utility, while a 12.3" widescreen touch-infotainment centre provides an unmistakable focal point for anyone lucky enough to find themselves inside the visionary Nexo.

The interior view of the 2020 hyundai nexo

How does the Hyundai Nexo work?

Thanks to Hyundai's proprietary fuel-cell technology, the Nexo utilizes an electrochemical process powered by hydrogen fuel for what amounts to nearly emissions-free driving (pure water vapour is all that escapes from its exhaust). Perhaps most impressive is the Nexo's range, which lets it travel up to 570 km on a 5-minute charge! We could explain to you how it works, but this video will do a better job:

How much will the Nexo cost?

The anticipated MSRP of the Hyundai Nexo has it starting at about $73,000--though that could change slightly depending on a number of factors. And, while it's true that hydrogen fueling stations are few and far between, hydrogen fuel costs substantially less than what they're pumping at your local Esso. Beyond the cost of the fuel itself, hydrogen has a number of attractive qualities, considering it's an infinite and renewable resource (compared to the finite, non-renewable gasoline).

When is the Hyundai Nexo available?

Currently only available in select regions in California, it may be a while before the Nexo sees any kind of wide distribution. Though its range transcends impressive, wandering into the territory of amazing, the lack of hydrogen fueling stations is a serious impediment. Though, it is a step in the right direction toward cleaner and greener energy sources. Keep your eyes peeled for when the Hyundai Nexo shows up at Go Hyundai; until that date, you can take a peek at the rest of our environmentally-conscious hybrid and electric models here, learn about the benefits of driving a hybrid or electric model (including a sweet rebate), or call us to learn more about any of the vehicles in the Hyundai lineup.

Exterior shot of the hyundai nexo charging

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