What's the Hyundai logo stand for?

While we've recently discussed the history of Hyundai, we figured we should take a look at something a bit more superficial: the Hyundai logo. Though, once you learn more about the leaning H found on the hood of your Hyundai, you'll realize there's a little more under the surface than you might've expected. Discover the meaning behind the infamous H, and the Hyundai name, with the Hyundai Experts at Edmonton's Go Hyundai!

The secret meaning behind the badge

The italicized H you see on the hood of your Hyundai stands for Hyundai--although that should come as no surprise to anyone. And if you assumed it was slanted to avoid infringing on another automaker with an H for a logo, you're half right. The Hyundai logo, although it's certainly not a well-known fact, actually shows the silhouettes of two people shaking hands--meant to symbolize the company and their happy customers. Wrap that pleasant little interaction in an oval, symbolizing Hyundai's expansion beyond Korea and into the whole world, and you've got the Hyundai logo. Now that you see it, we bet you'll never see it the same as before!

Any typography fans in the house?

The name Hyundai is Korean for "modernity," and their vehicle lineup proves they're dedicated to upholding the spirit of the word--especially their industry-leading hybrid and electric models. Though creating modern vehicles is only part of what drives the brand, with an eye for detail being another important tenet. This is obvious when you look at or drive a Hyundai; from smart and functional interior design to an aesthetic combining performance with good looks, you won't find a detail overlooked in a Hyundai vehicle. Of course, that extends beyond the vehicles themselves, all the way to the logo. Based on a custom typeface designed for the brand, the Hyundai H and logo are as original as the vehicles themselves. And for the typography fans reading this, you're sure to notice that Hyundai actually uses different fonts for all their individual models.

It's this exceptional attention to detail that's made Hyundai the leader it is today, and the third largest vehicle manufacturer in the world! To learn more about all things Hyundai, stay tuned to our blog, written by the Hyundai Experts at Edmonton's Go Hyundai!

Front 3/4 view of a Hyundai Palisade driving across a tight mountain road next to the ocean

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