Why Hyundais are great for new drivers

There are few things equally as thrilling and terrifying--for teens and parents alike--as a new driver getting their license. While the teen sees nothing but freedom from the tyrannical oppression of their actually quite-liberal parents, panic usually sets in the moment they get behind the wheel. Likewise, for parents, there's a wave of bittersweet emotions that come flooding to the surface. The sweet; seeing their kids grow up and learn new and important life skills. The bitter; knowing their insurance will skyrocket as they watch their kid back up into the neighbour's vehicle. Luckily, for new drivers and parents alike, Hyundais make great vehicles for new drivers. Read on, as the Hyundai Experts from Go Hyundai explain how.

Smart Features

One of Hyundai's strongest selling points is all of the smart tech features found in their vehicles. Depending on your Hyundai of choice, there's a wealth of technology that takes care of all the little things a new driver might forget, like available rain sensing wipers, which will turn on automatically when they detect rain, and even adjust the wiper speed depending on the severity. Likewise, the available 8.0" Head-Up Display found in the 2020 Kona puts all the most important information like speed, navigation, and safety warnings, right in the view of the driver. A choice between Apple CarPlay(TM) or Android Auto(TM) keeps kids off their phones (at least while driving), without disconnecting them from social media--which, according to our understanding, keeps them alive. Finally, Hyundai's BlueLink® infotainment system can do everything from remotely unlocking and locking the vehicle, to providing real-time information on fuel levels, speed, or where a vehicle is going (in case you need to keep some star-crossed lovers apart). It'll also send automatic collision notifications, and request emergency assistance in the event of an accident. Speaking of which . . .

Safety First

You can rest assured that your precious Hyund--er, we mean children, will stay safe on the road, thanks to Hyundai's advanced safety features. Built from ultra-rigid Advanced High Strength Steel, there's nothing better than Hyundai's SUPERSTRUCTURE(TM) chassis when it comes to protecting the driver and their passengers in the event of an accident. But before it even gets to that point, Hyundai's SmartSense(TM) safety features will keep them in line. Features like Driver Attention Warning, Blind-Spot Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keeping Assist, and more, work in unison to ensure that your new driver doesn't wreck your new Hyundai. Throw in a standard rearview camera, and you won't have to go grey teaching them to parallel park.

Incredible Value

In addition to all the safety and technology features packed into each and every Hyundai vehicle, they also come packed with something else: value! Hyundai vehicles have some of the most competitive prices on the market; so whether you're buying them their own vehicle, or just need another vehicle in the old family garage, buying a Hyundai is an easy (and relatively-painless) process. Sometimes, value comes in the form of Hyundai's legendary efficiency. Your new driver probably doesn't have money to burn from playing the stock market, in which case they'll want to avoid the gas station at all costs. That's where a fuel-efficient Hyundai comes in handy, so they can spend that money on whatever it is kids spend their money on these days.

As you can see, there's a number of reasons that make Hyundai vehicles great for new drivers. To learn more about all of the safety and tech found standard in you (or your teen's) favourite Hyundai, come visit one of our two conveniently-located dealerships, or check out our model lineup, including the best hybrid and electric vehicles on the market.

Front 3/4 view of a Hyundai Santa Fe parked on the gravel as the family flies a kite with their child near the ocean

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