Which Hyundai is right for you?

With a wide and diverse lineup of vehicles offering incredible safety features and exceptional value, it's hard to not find a Hyundai (or three) you could see yourself behind the wheel of. Of course, you can only drive (or even buy) so many cars at once. This makes choosing the right Hyundai for you incredibly difficult. And while there's a number of factors that go into deciding which Hyundai vehicle is right for you, we want to try and help you make the decision (because we're so nice, and we just love Hyundais). So sit back and let the Hyundai Experts from Edmonton's Go Hyundai help pick the right Hyundai for you!

Are Hyundai's reliable?

You know that old saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"? Well, if people only drove Hyundais, there'd be no lemonade--because they don't make lemons! But seriously, a properly maintained Hyundai that follows all the suggested service intervals (you are following your Owner's Manuals suggested service intervals, right?) makes for the most reliable vehicles on the planet. But why just take our word for it, when trusted consumer watchdog J.D. Power named Hyundai a top 3 brand in Initial Quality two years straight? Beyond the accolades, of which there are many, Hyundai Canada also offers one of the most extensive warranties on the market thanks to their 5-year/100,000 km Comprehensive Limited Warranty, and 5-year/Unlimited km Roadside Assistance Program. What part of all that doesn't give you peace of mind?

Front 3/4 view of the Hyundai Ioniq driving through a winding road

Which Hyundai is the best?

So we know Hyundai is a smart and reliable choice, but we still haven't decided which one is right for you. We know they're reliable and offer exceptional value, but which one is perfect for your needs? Well, are you looking for something quietly efficient that'll get you from point A to point B without using a lot of gas, or taking up a lot of space? Or are you more interested in something with a little more in the way of performance thrills? Either way, there's a whole lineup of Hyundai cars that bridge the gap seamlessly. Or, are you a true weekend warrior, and the moment you punch out on Friday afternoon you hit the road and explore? In which case, Hyundai's crossovers and SUVs combine heavy-duty capability with smart storage and luxurious comfort. Perhaps you're extremely eco-conscious, and you're looking for an electric or hybrid vehicle to lower your carbon footprint (and, between using less gas and the government rebate, can save you money!), in which case, Hyundai's lineup of hybrid and electric models can't be beat. So basically, as much as we'd like to tell you which one is best, you're the only person who can decide which Hyundai is best for your lifestyle!

Pre-owned & Certified Pre-Owned

Sometimes buying a new vehicle just isn't in the cards (but have we told you about how truly affordable our Hyundai lineup is?). In the event our dogged financial department can't help you qualify for a loan--even though we help people in all credit situations--there's always the pre-owned or certified pre-owned route. We're not talking used vehicles inspected by a blind mechanic here, we're talking vehicles that were rigorously tested and inspected by our factory-trained service technicians and meet our incredibly high standards. If you're looking for a great vehicle on a limited budget, the team at Go Hyundai can help make that happen. 

You have enough hard choices to make every day, but thankfully picking the right Hyundai isn't one of them. You only have to make that hard choice once before enjoying each and every drive after. So come visit the Hyundai Experts at Go Hyundai's Northstar Hyundai or Southtown Hyundai, tell us a bit about yourself, and we can help you decide which Hyundai is right for you! We're confident that no matter what you choose, it'll be the best choice you ever made.

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