Why drive a Hyundai electric vehicle?

Whether you're looking to do your part saving the environment, or just your wallet, driving an electric vehicle is a smart choice--and driving an electric Hyundai is an even smarter one! Thanks to their unflinching determination to bring hybrid and electric vehicles to the modern driver, Hyundai created a varied lineup of vehicles offering exceptional safety, technology, performance, and of course, efficiency. Read on to learn more about the perks of driving an electric vehicle from Edmonton's Go Hyundai. 

Why do we need electric vehicles? 

Whether you are concerned about climate change, bullish on using up a non-renewable resource, concerned about the costs of operating a gasoline engine, or just looking to lower your carbon footprint, an electric vehicle is a smart choice. Driving an electric vehicle is a cleaner alternative, that can help you save money.

A cleaner alternative

Imagine driving a vehicle giving off no greenhouse emissions or noise pollution, but retaining all the power and performance you've become accustomed to. Electric Hyundais offer instant access to the same torque you'd find in their non-electric or hybrid counterparts, silently propelling you forward and into a greener future. Even while using coal-generated electricity, an electric Hyundai vehicle has a lower emissions profile than one of their gas or diesel-powered counterparts--and that's just the start. Slated to release in 2019, the upcoming Hyundai Nexo uses fuel-cell technology to create a vehicle that charges quicker and drives further, with the only emissions escaping the exhaust being pure water vapour!

Low maintenance costs =  big savings!

Without as many moving parts as conventional engines, and no need for gasoline, diesel, or oil changes, the costs of owning an electric vehicle are substantially lower than with a more traditional combustion engine vehicle. Less maintenance means less time at the shop (if any!), allowing you to use your vehicle more, without having to pay for it--whether that be down the road, or in fuel consumption alone. The Government of Canada also rolled out a plan to reward those who drive electric vehicles, offering up to $5,000 in federal rebates. This is hassle-free, too, as the dealership will deduct the amount off of your overall bill. By saving big at the dealership, and saving long-term while owning your vehicle, an electric Hyundai seems like the easy choice!

What are the disadvantages of driving an EV (electric vehicle)?

Of course, as with anything new, people can be slow or reluctant to change. Often when electric vehicles are brought up, you'll hear similar objections to ownership, such as:

Can you even go that far?

While it takes longer to fuel up an electric vehicle to "full," their efficiency negates the need to charge them as often, especially considering most people take shorter trips to and from work, or while running errands. However, new advancements are being made every day in the EV field, and the battery life of EVs is extending exponentially. Of course, if the battery life is a concern for those who regularly drive long distances, then a hybrid vehicle might be a better option. But longer journeys don't need to be an issue, with a bit of sensible planning, i.e. finding charging stations ahead of time. Speaking of which . . .

Where can I charge my EV?

The more electric vehicles sold, the more charging stations necessary, as the supply is keeping up with the demand. Depending on how fast you want your vehicle charged at home, you can use a regular 120-Volt outlet, or upgrade to a Level 2 or Level 3 charging station. While this is an added expense, it can help decrease your charging time greatly and is often subject to rebates just like the EVs themselves. 

In addition to charging at home, there are more and more public charging stations cropping up every day! Edmonton currently has over 40 to choose from, and there are several mobile apps such as ChargeHub, PlugShare, or CAA, that can lead you to the nearest charging station. As a bonus, these charging stations are often close to the entrance of their respective establishments, meaning you'll receive both a quick charge and a premium parking spot.

Where's the power?

While many imagine electric vehicles to be quiet, feeble performers, that couldn't be any further from the truth. Electric motors have the ability to deliver the vehicle's full torque instantly, making a Hyundai EV's performance quite electric--literally! 

Driving an electric Hyundai is an extremely prudent choice to save you money, while also saving the environment. To learn more about the rebates available for electric vehicles click here, or you can learn more about the full range of Hyundai's hybrid and electric vehicles by clicking here, or visiting one of our two Hyundai dealerships (both of which are doing their own part for a greener future).

Image of a couple charging their Hyundai Kona EV

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