What is Hyundai BlueLink®?

Modern horror films rely less and less on the traditional jump scare tactic, or gruesome prosthetics, and instead, tap into the psychological horror that haunts our everyday lives. That isn't to say zombies and ghouls don't still scare us a little, but now we've got even more to worry about. With this in mind, we've got what we think to be an excellent idea for an incredibly scary new movie: a peek into the Google Calendar of someone with three kids. 

Grim reaper, the death itself, scary horror shot of Grim Reaper in fog holding scythe

Think about it for a moment and imagine all those colourful blocks bleeding into one another: soccer practice, hockey practice, band practice, jazz recital, the math tutor--and that's just the kids! What about the adult's schedule? In addition to driving the kids around, there's a hair appointment, picking up groceries, studying the Johnson account, meeting the financial advisor, a coffee date with Susan, and dinner with the Jones' (they have 4 kids, try keeping up with them). The movie would include a dizzying montage where the main character runs errand after errand before their car happens to run out of gas, while the engine also seizes up from lack of maintenance, on the side of an infrequently used road. This is where the real psychological terror kicks in, as they realize they're going to be late for a non-refundable massage they booked to relax (oh, the irony).

Image of a woman with broken down car on a snowy road calling someone for help

Of course, the whole plot would be thrown out the window if they drove a Hyundai equipped with Hyundai BlueLink®. Let the crew at Edmonton's Go Hyundai group explain. 

What is Hyundai BlueLink®?

Hyundai BlueLink® is a revolutionary system that uses telematics (a complex system involving GPS and telecommunications to remotely monitor and control something--in this case your Hyundai) and combines it with an app to give you access to important information and features in your Hyundai, right from your phone. First debuted in 2012, BlueLink® has been a major differentiator, as far as making Hyundai vehicles more intuitive and convenient.

What does Hyundai BlueLink® do?

BlueLink® is capable of connecting you to your vehicle via your smartphone (even offering some functionality for your smartwatch), in an effort to make your life easier. From remotely starting your vehicle and heated seats (or available heated steering wheel), to locking and unlocking your Hyundai remotely, BlueLink® offers a ton of everyday convenience. For those who regularly forget where they've parked, BlueLink® can guide you there and even remind you how long you've been parked in that 2-hour zone, saving you from countless tickets (is there a more fiendish villain than a parking cop?). Feeling lost, or looking for a quick bite? The hands-free Google(TM)-powered local search results alongside step-by-step navigation let you focus on the road, without the horror of becoming a hypoglycemic monster when you're hungry. Of course, more than convenience, BlueLink® helps you monitor the health of your Hyundai. Get up-to-date status reports about everything from doors being open to being low on gas. It'll even let you run diagnostic checks on your Hyundai, and can help you find local Hyundai dealers (like Go Hyundai!) to book your scheduled maintenance appointments, keeping you from breaking down on that deserted road. Even if you keep your Hyundai prepared and in pristine condition--winter tires anyone?--some accidents are unavoidable, and just not your fault. Of course, BlueLink® 's Collision Notification and SOS Emergency and Roadside Assistance has your back.

What is the cost of Hyundai BlueLink®?

Now, if you've read all of that and imagine your monthly bill as the true horror, you'll be happy to hear all the BlueLink®-equipped vehicles at Edmonton's Go Hyundai dealerships come with a free 36-month (and in some cases, 60-month) subscription to BlueLink®. You know that scene in a horror movie when they let out that deep sigh of relief, thinking the nightmare they just lived through was over, before the chainsaw-wielding maniac reappears? Well, we can only speak for ourselves, but the relief from having BlueLink® far outweighs any costs incurred down the road.   

Which Hyundai Models have BlueLink®? 

You can find Hyundai BlueLink® on almost every Hyundai model available, with it being added to more models each year. Currently, some of the vehicles that offer BlueLink® include, but aren't limited to:

  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Hyundai Santa Fe, & Santa Fe Sport
  • Hyundai Sonata, & Sonata Hybrid
  • Hyundai Tucson
  • Hyundai Kona
  • Hyundai Veloster, & Veloster N
  • Hyundai Accent
  • And more!

Avoid the horrors outlined above, and come visit either Northstar Hyundai or Southtown Hyundai for a BlueLink®-equipped Hyundai vehicle today. Because when the zombies come chasing after you, you'll be glad your doors were unlocked, and your car was started. Now, to the matter of whether you turned on your seat heater or wet yourself? We don't know, and we can't help.

The Hyundai Solaris (Accent) parked in nature with a rainbow in the background

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