Ready, Start, Go: Hyundia's Factory Remote Starter

Just imagine it: you're waking up on an especially frigid Alberta morning, sometime between October and March. Your spouse managed to drag the comforter to their end of the bed, and you've already woken up with a chill in your bones. But wait, it gets worse. Your coffee machine is broken, your water heater is on the fritz, and your favourite cozy sweater is in the dirty laundry hamper. What could make this morning worse? Well, a chilly reception from your car would probably do it. So, as you sit behind the wheel, waiting for your car to start and hypothermia to kick in, you'll wonder why you never took advantage of the Hyundai factory remote starter, available on the vehicles at Edmonton's Go Hyundai. If you haven't already warmed up to the idea, then read on and learn about all the Hyundai factory remote starter can do for you--basically everything but keep you warm at night. 

Do Hyundai vehicles have remote start?

While all Hyundai vehicles come with heated front seats, a must for our chilly Alberta winters, not all come with a remote starter. Of course, for a small price, it can be added on to your Hyundai during or after your purchase. Still on the fence? Use the cost-per-wear method people use to justify expensive clothing purchases. While we all exaggerate just a pinch, the winter in Alberta usually lasts for about 6 months; that's around 180+ days. For less than a dollar a day (for only the first year mind you), you can have a warm and cozy car to step into no matter the temperature outside. That's less than a gas station cup of coffee, though we know that the discerning Hyundai customer enjoys the good stuff. So if you don't have a remote starter on your Hyundai, and the pumpkin spice lattes are being advertised, you need to get down to one of our two Edmonton dealerships, ASAP!

What can your Hyundai Remote Start do?

Besides allowing you to step into a toasty vehicle, how about warming you at your very core? Well, the remote starter also adds an element of safety, thanks to both the remote starter's security alarm, as well as its lock and unlock feature. Forgot if you locked your vehicle? Click a button. Being chased by, well, whoever or whatever? Unlock your vehicle while running to it (bonus points if you've got Hyundai's proximity key with push-button ignition). More of a, risk-averse type? Well, your factory remote starter's security alarm will thwart any would-be thieves. Want even more capability? That's where Hyundai BlueLink® comes in . . . 

What is Hyundai BlueLink® 

Hyundai BlueLink® is a mobile app that provides an incredible amount of control over your Hyundai, right at your fingertips! While there's a multitude of features and functionality that come with this amazing app, we're going to focus on its remote start abilities. Set the interior temperature, turn on your seat heaters (or the available heated steering wheel), and enjoy a warmer climate--even if it's just on the drive to work. Ever heard of decision fatigue? Well, it's real, and it's why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit for most of his adult life. Skip the process of picking a temperature, and save your three favourite settings to make your morning even easier (we like Hot, Hotter, and Hottest to make it through the winter). Not to mention that you can turn your car off again at the click of a button, for those times when you're bundled up in your winter gear trying to say goodbye to those friends that just can't take a hint. BlueLink® can also tell you if your doors are locked, unlocked, or open, and if your car is low on gas. 

A photo of phone screens, using the Hyundai BlueLink app

There's plenty of reasons to get a remote factory starter installed on your Hyundai (or to upgrade to Hyundai BlueLink®), with comfort being chief among them. If you think you've got a really great reason why you don't need a remote starter, or you have any questions about how a remote starter will make your life better, we'd love to hear them. Give us a call at any of our three Edmonton dealerships, or contact a dealership service department to get your remote starter installed today!

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