How to prep your Hyundai for an Edmonton winter!

While September 23rd marks the last day of  summer, Albertans reading this blog know we're more likely to skip straight to winter than enjoy the picturesque Autumn immortalized in Ivy League-focused films such as Good Will Hunting, The Graduate, or Animal House. Pardon the pun, but we just aren't falling for it. While we may lean a bit heavy on the cynical side, the reality is the Albertan weather can change instantly, and you'll be going from pumpkin spice to snow and ice. That's why our two Edmonton Go Hyundai dealers, Northstar Hyundai and Southtown Hyundai, want to tell you how to prep your Hyundai for winter!

It's never too early to prepare for winter, so read on and learn what you need to do, then book a service appointment at Northstar or Southtown today and beat the crowds! Below is a list of 10 tips you can use to get winter-ready today.

1. Winter tires 

The most important step to getting your Hyundai prepared for winter is the simplest, and often the most overlooked. Do yourself, and your vehicle, a favour and get a set of winter tires--you'll thank us after an accident-free winter season. While we maintain that it's never too early to prep for winter, you'll want your winter tires want to go on when the weather dips below 7 °C. Bonus points for those who brave the cold to regularly check if their tires are inflated, and still have a decent tread. 

2. Check your oil 

Sub-zero temperatures put more strain on your Hyundai's mechanical bits, which means you need to have the appropriate levels of oil. More than this though, you need to have a winter-weight oil with the proper viscosity. If you're not sure what oil to use, come see your local Hyundai service department and we'll ensure your fluids are as prepared for the cold as you are.

3. Windshield wipers

Another often overlooked aspect of winter maintenance--until a tow truck is pulling you out of a ditch--is your windshield wipers. Visibility can be bad enough during a snowfall, but properly operating windshield wipers can mean the difference between seeing the road or seeing a body shop. Don't forget the cold weather wiper fluid either, or you'll run the risk of adding to the icy conditions even further.

4. The remote car starter

You'll be thanking us later, if you install a remote car starter before winter. While the idea that you need to run your vehicle for a long time to warm up the engine is a bit of a myth, with the truth being a few minutes is good enough. However, if you have the foresight to leave the heater on, you will be greeted by a nice warm car--unless your heaters aren't working . . . 

5. Check your heaters

If you think it's tough getting out of the house and going to work on the best of days, getting into an icy vehicle that doesn't want to warm up will make you contemplate quitting your job real quick. Check your heaters before it gets truly cold, and you won't have to worry. This also includes checking your front and rear window defrost mechanisms, so you'll have a clear view of your properly working windshield wipers--oh yeah, and of the road too.

6. Check your radiator

Just like checking your heaters, checking your radiator before it gets cold will save you some potentially serious headaches--like a leak, or even transmission failure. Simply topping up your antifreeze is a sure-fire way to prep your Hyundai for the long and cold winter months.

7. Wash your car

Sure, spring rains are the most affordable car wash available, but if you leave it that long it could be too late. Snow, slush, and ice are all offenders when it comes to chipping away at your Hyundai's beautiful exterior, but they aren't half as bad as the salt and sand that litter the road, ready to wreak havoc and cause rust. If you want your Hyundai to look great in the spring and summer, then a regular car wash will do wonders. If you really want to be prepared, take your Hyundai for a wash and wax before the snow falls and the dirt starts to build up.

8. Check your battery's charge

A properly charged battery ensures your car starts; plain and simple. Unless of course you want to be late for that big meeting, or don't mind sitting on the roadside waiting for AMA. But us? Well, we'd rather just check our batteries before winter rears its ugly head. 

9. Pack an emergency kit

Even if you follow all of the tips above, disaster could strike and leave you snowed in on the roadside. An emergency kit, within arms reach of the driver, will come in handy if you find yourself stranded. Hopefully you never need to use it, but you'll be glad it's there if you do. Everyone's emergency kit is going to look a little different, but we like to include a flashlight, blanket, bottle of water, and a non-perishable food item in ours.

10. Visit the team at Go Hyundai!

Of course, the easiest way to ensure your vehicle is prepped for one of our long and arduous winters, is to come by either Northstar or Southtown Hyundai, and let our service department ensure your vehicle is working in peak condition. You can book an appointment here!

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