Why You Absolutely Need Winter Tires

There's a whole list of things you aren't supposed to talk about around polite company at the dinner table, and the two that come up most often are religion and politics. While we aren't at the dinner table we do consider our readers polite company, but we're going to break the rules anyway. For whatever reason, the Alberta government hasn't made winter tires mandatory. Now, this isn't a partisan thing; we've looked left and right, and no one has stepped up to the plate. As a matter of fact, Quebec is the only province in our great country that has mandated winter tires--at which point winter collision rates dropped 17% in the first year! Now, unless you like having a sore neck, driving a rental car, and dealing with insurance companies (not to mention higher premiums), we have a solution for you. Read on, as Edmonton's Go Hyundai explains why you absolutely need winter tires!

What's different about a winter tire?

Winter tires are designed to give better traction during all of the fun weather you need to tackle to get from point A to point B during our all-too-long winters  (if you're brave enough to even leave the house). The kind of fun weather Edmontonians know all about--ice, snow, and slush often being the biggest culprits. Having a set of specially-formulated winter tires is the first step in preparing yourself, and can mean the difference between stopping in-time or stopping by the auto-body repair shop. See, while all tires are made of rubber, not all rubbers are created equal. The rubber compounds found in winter tires are generally softer, and can withstand the cold better, making it more flexible and more effective in cold conditions. Winter tires also generally have deeper treads designed to grip the unpredictable road surface better. Sure, you could throw some chains or studs on your tires--there's no law against it--but then you'll need to replace your tires sooner (rather than just swap them out), and you'll be contributing to Edmonton's horrendous pothole problem. Your best bet? Buying a set of winter tires. There are countless variations available and, while doing a little research couldn't hurt, the team at Go Hyundai would be happy to help find the right set for your vehicle.

Exterior view of Hyundai Winter tires driving through snow

When do you need winter tires?

You don't need to see snow on the ground to change to your winter tires--the same experts behind these substantially safer tires say you should swap to your winter tires when the temperature hits 7 °C or lower. Not only will this protect you on your morning commute when your tires haven't warmed up from the overnight low, but it'll save you from a long wait at the service department (when everyone else decides to change to their winter tires). Why not be prepared, especially when you know your winter tires provide up to 50% more traction than a set of all-seasons--at least, that's what the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada tells us. 

Which winter tires are best?

While there are a ton of different winter tires available, here at Go Hyundai we think that the following winter tires (in no particular order) are some of the best on the market:

  • Michelin X-Ice Xi3
  • Continental Tire WinterContact SI
  • Pirelli Ice Zero FR
  • Dunlop Winter Maxx
  • Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT
  • General Tire Altimax Arctic

Of course, different tire brands and models are as diverse as the vehicles we sell at Go Hyundai, and your best bet is to have one of our Hyundai Experts help you pick out the winter tire that's right for your vehicle.

Where's the best place to store winter tires?

Since winter tires are created from specially-formulated rubber compounds, you'll want to store them properly in the off-season. Try somewhere cool and dry, like your basement, workshop, or a climate-controlled garage. Avoid hot and humid spots like your attic--the softer rubber will suffer in warmer temperatures, and wear out faster, just as if you were to drive them in the summertime. 

As you can see, picking, storing, and driving on the right set of winter tires is an incredibly important aspect of winter driving--and living in Edmonton means you're set to do a lot of winter driving. Putting winter tires on your vehicle is just one of the many services we offer at both of our Edmonton Go Hyundai dealerships, Northstar and Southtown Hyundai, and just one way for you to get your vehicle prepared for winter. To learn more about the importance of winter tires, or to have one of our Hyundai Experts help you pick the right set for your vehicle, give us a call today. Otherwise, feel free to order tires, or any other parts or accessories right from our website!

Exterior shot of Hyundai's Winter tires driving through snow

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